Opportunities for Your Business

With over 20 years of experience in organizing high quality events for the business community, ATO Events offers promotion, marketing and communications services for your transportation business.

To do this, we have the following tools and products:

Aviation business portal "Air Transport Observer" (ato.ru). A reliable source of authoritative and independent B2B information and analytics in the field of air transport in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The average number of views is 150 thousand per month; the number of unique visits is 57 thousand per month.

Business portal in the field of freight road transport "Trucks and Roads" (truckandroad.ru). The average number of views is 10 thousand per month.

Direct email distribution to verified contact databases of a targeted audience in the field of air transport, freight road transport, transport and logistics companies, travel operators and online travel agencies. More details on request.

Client Offline Events

We are always ready to hold such offline business events for the customer, such as business conferences, press conferences, presentations for clients, etc. — from local projects with a small audience to large multi-format events. To date, more than 10 such projects have been implemented, several of them abroad.

Based on our experience, we will select a suitable venue, ensure the registration of participants, the work of staff at the event and provide qualified assistance in solving any other organizational and technical tasks.

Or we will undertake the organization and holding of a high-quality «turnkey» event.

Client Online Events

We offer a product that will help your company to strengthen work in the field of promotion, marketing and communications for your business: organization of your events in an online format. Whether these are conferences, round tables, presentations or webinars, we are ready to help not only with technical support, but also with the formation of the program, inviting participants, and presentations by speakers.

To date, we have hosted over 30 successful online events, including 20 for third-party clients.

ATO Events’ own Internet platform, which hosts ATO Events conferences, provides broadcasting with simultaneous translation and allows participants to communicate with speakers and other conference participants, and makes it possible to study the materials of past events in the recording.

The best resources of our company are used to organize client online events, which guarantees the high quality of the product to the customer.

We look at various types of cooperation as constructively as possible, and we are ready to discuss both the development of events for your tasks and participation in our events.