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August 15, 2019

Complex IT-measures as following trends. What is A-CDM and how to fly it?

For a modern airport, where many complex and parallel processes are involved at the same time, the relevance of complex solutions and synchronous optimization of all its segments has significantly increased. One of the most promising decisions is the introduction of a modern airport system A-CDM.

Airport Collaborative Decision Making is a system of joint decision-making aimed at improving the level of organization of air traffic flows, as well as the capacity of the airport and airspace. This is made possible by increasing the level of predictability of situations and optimizing the use of resources. The main task of the system is to increase the level of temporal accuracy of the event.

It is important to note that most of the Russian capital's airports are already implementing A-CDM. And it is very likely that regional airports will soon join them, despite the fact that for most of them complex technological solutions are still difficult to implement and might have a delayed effect.


In any case, we can safely say that the current IT-Foundation makes it possible to become at least «the first among equals» and this equality is unlikely to last long in such a dynamic world. 

We propose to follow the trends together in the framework of the 10th international conference Airport of the Future 2019, which will be held on September 25–26. Participants Conference attendees will be able to hear best practices from the experienced market practitioners the during the panel discussion, moderated by Viktor Titarev, head of Redium Aero.

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